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Author Nicole Black is a practical influencer – she has lived the help she offers. Help, born from a ‘hands-on, whole-body’ background as bodyworker, and survivor of body image/eating disorders and their causes. She is an advocate of ‘holistic transformation’, where a person’s wellbeing comes through the integration of mind, spirit and body; creating change that starts on the inside and flourishes outward. Her work has not only led to great change in her own life, but in others lives too.

Daughter of Academy Award nominated filmmaker Noel Black, you could say that Nicole was born with writing in her blood. From a young age she enjoyed writing but insecurities and inner struggles  through teen and adult years held her back from pursuing this passion on a more public level. Now finally emerging on the other side her struggles, Nicole is confidently moving forward to candidly share her stories and help others. Her first book, Fat Shame, released in October 2018. Nicole is currently working on her second book, which focuses on the epidemic of divorce, and how to work towards a mindful divorce, especially when children are involved.

A native of Southern California, she currently resides in Santa Barbara with her daughter and is the cofounder and former CEO of Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro.

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