Have you ever felt like a victim of fat shaming? I hear you loud and clear and I understand exactly what it feels like. I understand how crippling it is to feel the judgement of others, especially when it relates to your weight, your body or your looks – your body begins to feel like a prison with no escape.  It took 30+ years for me to realize that I could actually take steps to change this.

Grab a cuppa, sit back and listen to my latest podcast interview with Health & Wellness guru George DiGianni and gain some practical insights and tools to help you stop feeling like a victim and reclaim the life you deserve.

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How To Stop Feeling Like A Victim

By George DiGianni. 

It happens to men and women—even celebrities such as Serena Williams, Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson and Amy Schumer. Fat-shaming—criticizing people’s physical appearance based on their weight—is both rude and hurtful.

Most people who listen to my show are not obese, but being shamed for how you look, what you believe and desires that don’t fit the narrative of the culture you live in can be equally damaging. Nicole Black, who was fat-shamed for 30 years, reached a peak when she packed an extra 100 pounds on her 5-ft. 1-inch frame, feeling like a victim is strictly optional.

Nicole is an author, speaker and advocate for mindful living. She is the co-founder and former CEO of Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro. When she isn’t working to promote her story of getting healthy from the inside out, she enjoys travel, yoga, Pilates.

In her new book, Fat Shame: Ditch the Shame, Get Confident, and Claim the Life You Deserve,Fat Shame: Ditch the Shame, Get Confident, and Claim the Life You Deserve

www.NicoleBlack.com Black shares her own journey of yo-yoing from fat to thin and back again even as she operated successful bakeries with her ex-husband.

To be sure, Fat Shame is not about dieting, nutrition, exercise or even bariatric surgery, which is how she eventually slimmed down to 118 pounds. Instead, it is a book about achieving self-love, something she struggled with even with her new size four body when she continued to feel unhappy and ashamed.

Black, who grew up in Hollywood as a film director’s daughter, recalls how a stranger once rolled down his car window to say, “Hey, fatty! Jenny Craig is right down the street!”

And at a party, when she pointed out her husband across the way she was told: “No man that good looking would ever be married to a thing that looks like you!”

We discuss more than fat shaming, simply being made fun of for being you can have long-term consequences.

The insecurities that drive people to fat-shame others (it has nothing to do with you).

7 steps you can take after a surprise fat-shaming

What self-love has in common with brushing your teeth

Why weight-loss surgery won’t cure self-loathing

Understanding that you are enough no matter how thin or heavy you are

Nicole Black
Nicole Black

Nicole Black is an author, advocate and motivational speaker whose journey through fat shaming and food addiction was transformed into a powerful, positive body image. Now, she teaches women to heal from the inside out and reclaim their lives.

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