It’s time to love your skin.

Ever been fat shamed?

Even by your own voice?

Don’t waste another minute—because it’s time to love the skin you’re in, no matter what you weigh!

This isn’t a diet book. And it’s not going to tell you how to lose weight. It has something much more important to share, and you won’t believe the difference you’ll feel.

In Fat Shame: Ditch the Shame, Get Confident, and Claim the Life You Deserve, author Nicole Black shares her own journey with yo-yo dieting and going from obese to thin, from thin to obese, and finally, from obese to healthy. She discovered that even at a size four, she didn’t feel thin or beautiful on the inside. She set out to change that, and now she shows you how you can too.

Discover a New You.

In these pages, you’ll be empowered to develop an internal strength and confidence that never depends on what anyone says to you or about you. You’ll discover how to:

Set healthy boundaries and deal with fat shamers

Become your own first responder

Begin to heal body dysmorphia

Give up the victim and blame game

Use yoga to relieve stress

Trust that you’re enough right now